Design sprint


Liantis HR buddy

Sprint goal

“How might we build a tool that facilitates a certain workflow based on tasks so multi-disciplinary teams can view/share /follow-up on tasks for clients or themselves.”

Back when I was freelancing fulltime in 2019 I was hired by Bothrs to do a design sprint for Liantis.

Liantis is a leading Belgian HR service provider. Among other things, Liantis provides expert advice on staff, social security and child benefits. They have 1,300+ employees who support more than 40.000 businesses, organisations and entrepreneurs in over 60 offices.

This case consists of conclusions from the design sprint as well as an iterated prototype from the following week.

My role: Product designer / prototyper
Client: Liantis
Agency: Bothrs

Client needs
- I want to be helped quickly
- I want a quick onboarding
- I want to follow up on tasks
- I don’t want to keep giving the same info

Employer needs
- We want to be “compagnon du route"
- We want to give the client a personal experience and onboarding
- We want to follow up on the process and team
- We want a central place to have an overview and communicate
to the client

Key points
- Onboarding
- Process overview
- Employee - client communication
- Client profile
- Feedback option (to measure succes)

User journey
- Client sends email to “starters begeleiding”
- Employee starts process and assigns tasks
- Employee sends link to client to follow up on the process
- Client follows the process online
- Client has a question for one of the steps being performed
- Client sends a message to the employee on the current screen
- Employee finishes tasks and informs the client
- Client checks in on finished process and has the option to
provide feedback for the employee/Liantis

Below you will find some of the screens that represent key stages of the user journey and how the platform will handle these needs.

Final thoughts
This sprint happened well over a year ago and I don’t have access to all the conclusions or files that were made after that week. I do recall on the prototyping day with the actual Liantis employees that the concept of the tasks and how they would be shared with the clients was a confusing point.

One of the things you always want to avoid with new or rebuilt platforms is that the people using it have to learn every step and feature. But seeing as the employee’s jobs are inherently complicated and require many years of education and experience it was hard to dumb down some of the processes and the platform.

Finding a way to convey how we want to simplify their processes was the hardest point of that week.