Product design


Redesigning the Returnista dashboard


Make a more useful and coherent tool for webshops and remove bloated functionality.

Usually portfolio projects start off with all the goals and steps needed to (re)designing a product. And assume there is always time and money to start a wide and detailed research and design proces. This project doesn’t have that. I had one week (4 days) to redesign the entire dashboard and make it usable. The goal was to take the original dashboard and create a coherent style/brand while also reviewing functions that aren’t used and improving the overal ease of using the dashboard.

Original dashboard

Main project constraints
The flow of the dashboard should be maintained as much as possible because we don’t want to make the people using it have to relearn the platform.

Due to time constraints the design should be nearly finished after 4 days. And also keeping in mind not to overload development with fancy animations and interactions.

Ease of use and usefulness were the main priorities during this proces but if I could add some character to the platform to increase the “joy” of using this, that would be a bonus. I had to way my options due to the time constraint so I opted in to design the icons myself so I could make them a little bit more unique and abstract.

After a week I was able to present a clean and clear looking dashboard that was more usable and easy to use.
Below are some of the screens from the project.

Businesses who currently use Returnista and the platform:

I also redesigned and built the Returnista website some time after.

Take a look